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(no subject)

Mar. 26th, 2008 | 02:27 pm
posted by: thabigd in cornishcollege

hello people who still read this!

my name is lauren, and i am looking into cornish for painting. can anyone tell me anything about the program? right now i don't go to school, but i live in IL and really want to explore elsewhere.
honestly any info on this school at all would be a great help!

thanks in advance!


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PWYC ( Seattle )

Jun. 14th, 2007 | 12:47 pm
posted by: boobirdsfly in cornishcollege

Tonight is our Pay What You Can performance of Carver's Pieces.

See some of you there !

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Did you go to art school?

Jun. 2nd, 2007 | 06:39 am
posted by: clubmix1996 in cornishcollege

Then you know what this girl is totally talking about.

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The Seattle Figure Drawing Meetup Group

Nov. 30th, 2006 | 08:02 pm
posted by: johnob in cornishcollege

Come join our group for informal sessions offering the opportunity to draw from a live model!



Everyone is very welcome, from complete beginners to professional artists. Our sessions are laid-back, without a teacher to tell you what you are doing "right" or "wrong". You aren't expected to show your drawings to anyone unless you want to, so please don't be put off even if you don't have much experience.

We have a great mix of people, from those who are simply trying to work extra time for creativity into their lives, to professional artists looking to sharpen their life drawing skills.

Please notice the numerous Assistant Organizers we have! This is because this is a group run collaboratively by the group. Any member can set up a session for the group at any time. The only required criteria for sessions we have is:

  • Experienced figure model(s) ages 18+
  • All attendees contribute toward model fees
  • Classical poses, no overtly sexual poses please
  • Drawing and painting materials only, no photography please
  • A professional, safe and respectful work environment for the models and fellow artists
  • Bring your own supplies and materials
  • Enjoy!

Our goal is to have both regularly scheduled and impromptu sessions as frequently as possible so we have a variety of times and locations to choose from. So if you know of a space that's available, post a notice!

Models, please join and introduce yourself by posting a note in the message board so we can easily reach you and see if your schedule fits our session time.

All artists are encouraged to post their artwork and self-promotional info in the message board.

See you at the drawing board!


Cheers, John

(.... )...O00o



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Paying for School

Jun. 30th, 2006 | 09:15 am
posted by: salt_haired in cornishcollege

Hello, I'm going to be attending this september and I've lived in the Seattle area my whole life. I was wondering if currently attending students had any trouble working to pay off tuition while going to school? Does it seem like a heavy load? I ask because I am going to have to pay for the majority of tuition and other expenses by myself and don't want to find myself regretting the decision to go to Cornish when it is so expensive. I will most likely continue to live with my parents, at least at first, because we live fairly close to the school and I know I wont go hungry this way :) But have any of you who are in the same financial boat decided to get an apartment anyway and pay off the loans later? I find this tempting because I am more than ready to live on my own and live the college life otherwise. Also, any Visual Communications majors with anything to say about the department? Any comments would be appreciated, and I really look forward to starting next term. Thanks!

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Seattle, One Night Only !

Jun. 27th, 2006 | 01:25 pm
posted by: boobirdsfly in cornishcollege

One Night Only

Coming up this saturday night !

Great fun !
And this year, it's in the Centre House Theatre which is a great theatre !
Click on the pic for details !


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(no subject)

Apr. 23rd, 2006 | 09:47 pm
posted by: hellostrawberry in cornishcollege


okay i'm kind of in the middle of a problem...

basically it's only a few days before May 1 and i need to make a decision

i'm a transfer student. i got into cornish for a BFA in acting. i also got in to a few other schools, plus the other one i'm considering in NY for a BFA in playwriting. i like doing both...but what draws me more to cornish is the possibility to do some writing? at least from what i heard. i was wondering if at cornish you can get together with friends to put on your own fully staged productions.

and if there's anything else i should now. i'm from a suburb of chicago so i don't know much about seattle at all. is the living situation good up there? i know it's diff. with housing, but for the most part do you guys like it? right now i go to Illinois Wesleyan Univ. and it's a complete college town and i believe cornish is quite different

honestly...if any of you have any info about the theatre department or living experiences...i would reallllly appreciate hearing it. thank you-


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Music Dept. Questions

Jan. 29th, 2006 | 02:21 am
posted by: ninja_princess in cornishcollege

Hi, I am applying to Cornish and have some questions.

1. What is the music department like?
2. Is the "classical" voice department for classical works/opera/musical-theatre/something else?
3. Do you know if the voice teachers are trained in opera?
4. Do you know of anyone who has graduated from the college and recieved jobs in musical theatre/operas?
5. Do you think the BA in Music Program is so good that it's worth paying so much for tuition?
6. How much more quality training do you think students at Cornish get as opposed to University students?

Thank you! I plan on seeing an advisor, but am hoping for some student opinions!

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Ballard art walk and cabaret !

Dec. 9th, 2005 | 05:39 pm
posted by: boobirdsfly in cornishcollege

IT'S ART WALK... Live Girls! Style


Live Girls! HOLIDAY CABARET AND paintings of Live Girls! company members from Kristina Hagman.

In the Theater at 9:30pm-The legendary Live Girls! Art Walk Cabaret

Live Girls! picks a theme and packs in all the talented ladies we can fit into one night. Comedy, music, improv, chick fights, skits, readings, new talent, trusted favorites, and fine fine prizes.
Who could ask for more?


In the gallery, reception 6-11pm-The wayward Live Girls! Portraits of the Live Girls! Company by Kristina Hagman


This show of all new paintings from Seattle artist Kristina Hagman, inspired by the ladies of Live Girls! Theater and the portraiture of Kathleen Houlahan opens in the Live Girls! Gallery Nov 12th as part of Ballard's Second Saturday Artwalk. The show will be on display through Dec. 18th. The Gallery will be open for a reception on Second Saturdays Nov 12th and Dec 10th from 6-11PM and the paintings will be on view at all Live Girls! events through December 18th. Visit our website at www.livegirlstheater.org for show schedules.

A frequent visiter to LG! Kristina expressed interest in painting portraits of the Live Girls! As the process began she was also inspired by the work of Kathleen Houlahan's portraits currently on exhibit at MOHAI which were the subject for a commissioned play being written by Live Girls! Associate Artistic Director Zoe Fitzgerald. Kathleen Houlahan painted portraits at the Ruth School for "Wayward" Girls in the 20s and 30s as a gift to the young residents. Kristina's portrait sessions began to influence Zoe's Play "Girls" as the writing project had influenced her. Her portraits capture the playfulness and spirit of Live Girls! naughty company as well as quiet off stage moments that our audiences rarely get a glimpse of. The pieces range from to light and playful illustrations of the group together to striking individual portraits. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to see Kristina's images of the "Wayward" Live Girls!

Kristina Hagman is a painter and printmaker who has been exhibiting her work for 25 years. She has shown nationally and in Europe. Her works have been exhibited in Seattle at the Jacob Lawrence Gallery at the University of Washington. She has Studied at The University of New Mexico and the College of Santa Fe. At The Santa Fe Institute of Fine Art, she studied with Bay area figurative artists, Richard Diebenkorn, Nathan Oliveira and Wayne Thiebaud. For more about her work visit www.kristinahagman.com

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Holiday XXX Opens at Live Girls! Theater

Dec. 1st, 2005 | 02:29 pm
posted by: boobirdsfly in cornishcollege


December 2-16 Fri-Sat 8pm / Sun 2pm

PWYC at the door on Mon 12th 8pm


$10 General and $7 student/senior

available at the theater day of or in advance at Brown Paper Tickets

For the fourth year in a row Live Girls! wraps their season in time for the Holidays with three theatrical surprises: Holiday Triple X- Four Characters in Search of a Play. Our gift to you! Three brand new plays commissioned by LG! Featuring the same four characters in the hands of three different writers: Dickey Nessenger, Regan deVictoria, and Brooke Rogers.

Holiday Triple X is a theatrical adventure featuring three unknown plays unwrapped for the first time at Live Girls! Every year Live Girls! casts a group of actors, writes character descriptions for them and assigns those descriptions to three writers. The writers are given one month to create a one-act Holiday play using their assigned characters. Live Girls! presents them all in one evening. Hijinks ensue! The characters of 2005 where created by Jonah Martin and Meghan Arnette and have become: “The Gift” by Dickey Nessenger, “Giving Up Liz” by Brooke Rogers, and “The Meeting” by Regan deVictoria. Don’t miss your chance to tear the bows off and shred the wrapping paper with us. Hosted this year by the sassy and strange Live Girls! “Trivia Girl” Keli Carrander. This year’s Holiday Triple X promises to be a wildly entertaining evening of theater. Directed this year by: Joy Brooke Fairfield a regular producer for the Northwest Film Forum, Sophi Sagall Hopkins, a frequent collaborator with Theatre Babylon, and Live Girls! company member Raymond L. Williams. Featuring the acting talents of Dina Maugeri, Erin Palmer, Katie Schempp, and Kait Powers.

At Live Girls! Theater 2220 Nw Market st in Ballard.
http://www.livegirlstheater.org for more info ...

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